Nina Ryner

Nina Ryner’s gonna fiddle with your all your senses. She’s just opened up a studio that offers a new way of doing yoga that encompasses scent, sound and accesses the power that different coloured light has on us. It’s called Chroma Yoga and her quite incredible new space in Shoreditch opened just a couple of weeks ago – it really is a sight to behold when you’re inside. We’re a sucker for a room bathed in rainbow light so we poked our head in and asked what it was all about.

Hi Nina! So, what’s this Chroma Yoga all about? 
ChromaYoga combines coloured light, soundscapes and bespoke scents to create a multi-sensory, immersive environment designed to enhance the modern yoga experience. We use current research into the ways in which light can be utilised to improve our physical and emotional health. Tones of red, orange, yellow, blue or pink light fill the room as teachers guide the class through a set of sequences, designed around the healing properties of that colour. Classes are accompanied by soundscapes that emulate the sound frequencies our brains emit in different modes of consciousness — allowing for a push into a relaxed or lucid state of mind. Then our scents, designed by Asakala, have been developed to drive energy, aid breath work and release muscle tension.

The studio space is pretty amazing too – not what you’d expect from a yoga studio.
In terms of the design of the studio, I’m really inspired by the work of James Turrell, Liz West and Olafur Eliasson so I wanted to create a space which was more akin to an art installation than what you’d expect from a yoga studio. The concept is totally unique and you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

What do all the colours mean?
There have been some really interesting studies which show the proven beneficial effects that certain wavelengths of light can have on our health, so our classes are designed around the benefits that each colour has and is grounded in current light therapy research. Red is used to drive energy and boost metabolism; yellow is designed to emulate sunrise/sunset and gives a warm, cheerful feeling; orange stimulates cognitive brain function, pink is relaxing and nurturing and blue is the almighty controller of our sleep cycles! 

Do you get people demanding certain colours?
Quite a few people have been freaking out (in a good way) whenever I show them the rainbow mode in the studio so we may have to create a class which incorporates that. It can get pretty trippy after a while so might have to involve a lot of lying down.

Do you think most activities could be improved by having various coloured lights shining while you’re doing it? 
Yeah definitely! Light has such a powerful effect on our mood and energy – so it doesn’t just have to stop at yoga. 

What’s your favourite colour?
Barbie pink.

Interview/photo: Tom Medwell


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