Orange Buffalo

If you’re big into chicken wings and have been in Hoxton, Brick Lane or Brighton then you’ll know all about Orange Buffalo. If you’re not, then let us introduce you to the award-winning wing merchants. They’ve got their own secret sauce and if you go hot it will probably make you cry real tears. It’s all the fault of Mike and Nick (pictured above) so we thought we’d ask them a few questions.

Hey fellas, why is your buffalo orange?
It’s to do with our super tangy spicy bright orange sauce… it turned out every sauce we experimented with came out bright orange so it was only fitting we included it within the name. 

Is the correct way to eat wings by putting one end of it on the table and squishing all the meat off the end?
We once had a customer who impressed us all by eating them like that – only the flats though, the drums don’t work like that, you simply get busy with them whichever way you damn like. And if it’s not in your ears by the time you’ve finished – you haven’t enjoyed them!

What do you think of my new invention of wearing hula hoops on your fingers while eating your wings to keep your fingers clean?
If you could get your digits through a packet of old school tangy toms they would taste ACE with our sauce on ‘em! (wicked invention btw dude)

Thank you. What is it about your sauce that makes it unique?
Because each batch is homemade. We put a LOT of TLC into it. All of our sauces have their own identity and our customers have fallen in love with them, they each have their own cult-like following!

What’s the most amount of wings you’ve ever eaten in one sitting?
I reckon about 40-45. You kinda get into the zone. Once you POP, you can’t STOP!

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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