When we heard indie rockers PEACE were heading back on the road for the first time in three years we thought we’d best get in touch to see what’s up. Their third album ‘Kindness is the New Rock and Roll’ is out on May 4th and they play at Kentish Town Forum on the 16th. We spoke to lead singer Harry Koisser about it all.

When you hear things like Frances Bean Cobain naming one of your songs as her favourite song of the past ten years, how do you process that?
At the time, I didn’t have a phone or computer so it took a few days to get round to me that she’d said that. I spat my cappuccino up all over the bistro when I found out. Weirdly I was with some freaks who didn’t know who Frances or even Nirvana were so it was a pretty strange moment. 

You haven’t toured for absolutely ages – do you remember life on the road with rose-tinted glasses, when in reality a week in to this tour you’ll be like “AAAAARGH Ginsters slices for dinner agaaaain? Why are we doing this…”
I’d like to think our service station Ginsters days are behind us. I’m thinking we roll from the spa out to the limo, straight through wardrobe and out onto the stage. When the curtain closes, we take the chopper up to the penthouse to watch Love Actually before bed. We all wake up at a good time and meet for juice and breakfast before taking a chartered bullet train to the next town to do it all again. 

How did the warm up shows in Manchester and Birmingham go? Blow off some cobwebs?
It was pretty hot and cold. Dom burned his mouth on a Pot Noodle so couldn’t do the Manchester show, so we had to go and play to 15,000 people with Sam Doyle from The Maccabees improvising out back on the tubs. Dom got back in the game for the 100 capacity Birmingham show which was a banger. Two very different beasts. 10/10 groovy though. 

The new single’s called ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’. What do you walk away from? 
I’m walking away from the troubles in my life. I’m walking away to find a better day. 

Will it be our song of the summer? It’s well upbeat.
Of course it will be, It’s a less satanic AC/DC. Lemon and Herb Chili Peppers.  

You’re playing The Forum on May 16th - did you know there’s a little door/hatch thing to get onto the roof? It’s a very pleasant place to have beer in the evening sun. In case you fancied somewhere to go before the show…
Love it. This ain’t your first rodeo. I’m all for the hatch. 

Peace’s new album, Kindness ‘Is The New Rock And Roll’ is out on 4th May on Ignition Records. Why not pre-order the album here? The band play London’s O2 Kentish Town Forum on 16th May and you can get your tickets here.

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