Pierre-Paul Pariseau

Born and based in Montreal, Canada, Pierre-Paul Pariseau is an excellent artist – especially when it comes to collage. We caught up with him to see what’s up.

Who is the greatest collage artist of all time? 
There is no such thing I think, but at the beginning of my career I was influenced greatly by John Heartfield (among some others). He was a famous German artist that used this medium to criticize the Nazis. He had to leave his country and took refuge in the U.K. He even changed his name to make it more English and also because he was ashamed to be German. He masterly used the power of collage. Nowadays, Eddie Guy (U.S.A.), Tom Cocotos (U.S.A), Paul Bateman (U.K.) and Julien Pacaud (France) are among my favorites.

Are you always cutting things out of magazines to save for later?
Yes. Looking for part of photos to use in my personal and commissioned works I often find images that I cut and put aside for further use.

What’s the biggest collage you’ve ever made?
My final art being a digital file my work can be blown up as much as needed (depending of the resolution). It was once presented on a small billboard. I scan part of photos that I import in Photoshop; I compose the image, piece by piece this way. I took off the original colors to put mine.

Which gallery would you most like to have an exhibition in?
I once participated in a group exhibition at the Conningsby gallery in London. I would like my work to be presented again in your country, at the Serpentine gallery perhaps? At the Tate when I’ll be dead.

Where can we see more of your work? 
Everything is on my web site, including links to social networks:


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