play actor: russell tovey

Bridging the gap between stage, BBC 3 werewolves/bedsitting and prime time BBC 1 dramas, Russell Tovey is one of the UK’s best young actors. He’s about to appear at the Criterion in Stories Before Bedtime, and Josh Jones hung around the stage door to get a very quick interview with him.

Do you prefer stage or screen?

As you spend a lot of time in them, do you get pants from the costume department for Him & Her or do they cut costs and make you bring in your own?
I have my own, they supply me with pairs but I prefer my own basic grey Uniqlo pieces, I feel at home in them. And so does little Russ.

Do you know how on earth Sherlock Holmes survived?
Is it something to do with a Tardis?

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re doing for Stories Before Bedtime?
I am reading a love poem with my amazing co-star from Him & Her, Sarah Solemani. We have rehearsals Thursday, I think I will find out then exactly what I have got myself in for

Do people ever come up to you in the pub and start talking at you because they think they know you, then realise that you’re off the telly?
Yes. I tell them I’m on Crimewatch.

Do you find it weird that in pretty much every interview you get the prefix of ‘openly gay’ Russell Tovey?
What’s weird about being gay?

That’s what I was thinking. Where’s the best time in this city to be had?
Every minute in this city is the bollocks!

Photo: Tom Medwell


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