Polymer is a keytar-wielding, beats producing, nice vest wearing man. He summons up the sounds of Miami good times with his uplifting synthwave productions. It’s the perfect soundtrack to an Indian Summer. Josh Jones had a chat with him as he leant on a yellow wall.

How’s it going Polymer? Doing anything nice this weekend?
I’m going to stroke a cat and learn how to throw ninja stars.

I wasn’t expecting that. How would you describe your music to people who haven’t seen/heard you yet?
I suppose it’s kind of a trans-dimensional cosmic jam. Spread onto lazertoast. It’s the kind of music I imagine H.P. Lovecraft would make if he were alive today.

If the computer game Outrun was being released again and they asked you to provide a soundtrack to it, what would you come up with?
That’s pretty much my ultimate dream job, so I’d probably freak out and have a massive creative block, then end up writing Germanic oompah music.

If you could only have squelchy beats or glitchy beats, which beats would you have?
I’m a total squelch man. Used to have a penchant for glitch, but as I’ve got older I’ve mellowed out and appreciate the sexier sounds in life.

Do you get any influence from the theme tunes from those weird dubbed children’s TV programs from the ’80s?
’80s cartoon themes were a big influence on me. As a kid I’d run around singing the Ulysses 31 soundtrack to my mother’s sanity’s breaking point. Starfleet was another fave (you should really check out the drug-addled cover version of it by Brian May and Eddie Van Halen).

You play the keytar in your live set – are there any other hybrid instruments you’d like to get your hands on. I think a drumophone would be good. Or a double bass-oon.
Thought about this a lot over the years. It would have to be the Lazerharp-Sichord. Jean Michel Jarre missed a trick there…

When are you next playing so we can all come see you?
Well I’ve only started playing live recently, but I’ve already had some great slots supporting awesome bands like Gaps and Pageants. There is nothing imminent, as I’m working on expanding the live show, but I’ll be announcing new dates very soon on my new Facebook page or check out my Soundcloud.

Photo: Tom Medwell


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