The Real Dill

The Real Dill is a graffiti artist, sticker bomber and ‘zine editor – there’s a very high chance you will have walked past one of his signature brain pieces and you’ve ambled around London. He also runs Sketch Club, to bring artists together. We asked him what was up.

Hey Dill, how’s it going?
Yeah not too bad mate, how’s thing with you? Is that rash clearing up? That sounded nasty…

All better now thanks. There seems to be a rise in people painting the trains again – if you could paint a whole train, what would you paint?
You’re right, the London steel scene is popping off at the moment! Big up to all the panel beaters out there. With my Dill hat on I’d paint a brain train, but if I had my Gums & Tongue hat on, it would be a comedy knob, standard!

Your Gums & Tongue ‘zine is excellent – where did that name come from and when’s the next one out?
The name was coined back in 2014 whilst on a painting trip to an abandoned mental asylum in Hertfordshire, on the way up there, in the motor, my mate Obit (Gums & Tongue co-founder) was making us watch these gross videos on his phone. Long story short, one video ended up with a guy repeating the phrase, “All I want to see is gums and tongue.” Shortly after we made our first collaborative ‘zine and there was only one name for it! Since then we have made six full issues featuring artists and friends from all over the world. Next issue is out in a couple of months but you’ll have to follow our moves to find out more. 

What’s this Sketch Club thing you’re doing? Can people come along?
Yeah, so that’s something we started towards the end of last year, and it’s been going really well. It’s free to come along, anybody is welcome. From 7-11 we drink, draw, smoke, chat and generally have a nice time. The venue is Montys bar on Brick Lane, the guys there are great and let us pretty much do what we want. Next one is Wednesday 31st Jan. 

Where can we see more of your work? 
See my personal work on insta @_the_real_dill1 and keep up with the squad @gumsandtongue also buy stuff from


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