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American artist Sam Gomez will be showing his work at ILLUSTRATED 2015 – a weekend long festival of contemporary illustrators and street artists from around the world showcasing their work alongside a programme of seminars, live art & music at the Truman Brewery on May 9th and 10th. Tickets can be got right here.

Your work is outrageously detailed Sam – what led you to your distinctive style?
I’ve always been drawn to machinery mechanisms, automatons, the alluring effects of these mechanical objects inspire my mind to recreate my own theme parks. I guess engines and engineering offer an eerie allure – I’m drawn to this and it informs my work daily.

How many pencils and pens do you go through on an average piece?
It depends on the format, but on average I usually use between 70 to 80 pencils and between 35 to 40 pens and a bunch of ink and acrylic paint.

What will you bring to ILLUSTRATED 2015?
I’ll be showcasing two large format pieces (drawings) at the event; one of the pieces is quite well known – ‘Decrypted Savants’ (pictured). The other piece has never been seen before.

I did hear you’d be dropping an exclusive piece, tell us more …
The piece is called ‘OASIS’ and is based on a remote and allegorical place where the ‘Hybrics’ (half humans/half machines) can only visit and dwell around blindfolded. Their task is to pass the updated Turing Test.

Are there any other artists you’re looking forward to checking out at the show?
I’m looking forward to see Vladimir Kush’s works, Alvaro Tapia Hidaglo is also a real talent.

Where can we see more of your work?
ILLUSTRATED 2015 will be my only exhibition in the UK this year, although you can also see some of my work at Naia Museum in Rochefort-en-Terre, France. Also on my site if you’d like to see some progress shots and evolution of the work, you can visit this website… See you all at the event 9th – 10th May.

Other artists who will be showing at ILLUSTRATED 2015 include:

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