Samantha Baines

Actress and award-winning comedian Samantha Baines enjoyed a sell-out month at the Edinburgh Festival with her show ’1 Woman, a High-Flyer and a Flat Bottom’ and when we heard she was going to bring it back for a very limited time (4th – 6th Dec) at the Soho Theatre this month we thought we’d have a chat with her about it. You can get your tickets here.

Hey Sam, how are you? 
Really well thanks how are you?

You’ve got a sneaky three-night run at the Soho theatre coming up, what’s it all about? 
Yes, the Soho Theatre are letting me loose next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which is nice of them! My show is all about the lost women of science so I’m celebrating amazing women that aren’t household names but should be. With jokes. And facts. And puns.

There’s some science involved too, right?
Yes I love science! Did you know a quark is a building block of particles and not just a posh duck!? I research every show heavily and squeeze in loads of sciencey facts that are very useful for pub quizzes. You are welcome!

What do you do with an ear trumpet attached to a whisky bottle?
You’ll have to come to the show to find out! One of my lost women actually made a petrol tank out those things! Can you guess what vehicle it was for?

Is it weird to revisit your Edinburgh show after a bit of a layoff, or is it refreshing? 
It’s feels strange to go back to it after doing it solidly for a month in Edinburgh! It is also lovely to revisit it after some time away because you rediscover why you made it in the first place and I feel passionate about the amazing women in the show. It’s an hour of fun and facts that I’m super proud of so I can’t wait to perform it at the Soho Theatre.

“Samantha Baines will be at Soho Theatre 4th – 6th December at 9.15pm, tickets are available”

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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