Did it themselves: SEXBEAT

SEXBEAT is all the fault of Steve Rose and Paul Lilley. A stalwart of London’s DIY scene, they’re slowly growing an empire that’ll find you only buying records from their label, going to parties they’ve put on and sailing in boats they’ve hired. Josh Jones had a chat with them.

What does a sex beat sound like?

Does SEXBEAT have a mission statement? You could always make one up now for comic effect if you don’t.
I don’t think that we do have until now…possibly ‘growing old disgracefully’ could work? Or perhaps ‘live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse’?

Tell me about this SEXBEAT cruise you’ve got planned for June then.
We’ve been trying to organise a show on a cruise for years, and we’ve finally made it happen. I don’t think that The Thames Cruise Company or more specifically its flag ship, The Royal Princess, knows what it’s let itself in for. We’ve managed to get a pretty stellar line up of Crocodiles, Weird Dreams and VIRALS playing while the boat cruises down the Thames for four hours. We’re trying to organise a champagne reception for when we set sail.

You like goats. Will there be goats on the cruise?
Not at the moment. We do like goats a lot though. There may be some goat like behaviour.

Why did you decide to do a party on a boat?
Because boats are awesome. And we haven’t worked out quite how to be allowed to do a show in a graveyard, as of yet.

What’s 2012 got in store for you?
So far we’ve been pretty busy. We have released a VIRALS 7″ (which you can listen to here) in January, have a White Fence 7″ (which you can listen to here) coming out on Monday 21st May, and a Fear of Men 7″ (which you can listen to here). On top of this we have expanded our annual festival RADFEST to a 2000 capacity venue in East London, with the likes of Veronica Falls, Ceremony, Jacuzzi Boys, Eagulls, and VIRALS, as well as booking debut London shows for The Jaccuzzi Boys, Bleached, Davila 666 and a bunch more.

Photo: Dan Wilton


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