Steaking their name on it : MEAT Babes

As it’s Christmas, we thought we’d get all traditional and go and check out some of the hottest rubber wear in the city. Josh Jones doused himself in talc and slid into something more comfortable to have a chat with the MEAT Babes.

MEAT Babes. Please can you introduce yourselves?
B: I’m Bo, and she’s Alis, and we are the MEAT babes/masterminds behind the MEAT brand.

How did the whole MEAT thing come about?
B: We were both going out to clubs and fetish nights and found a love for latex, but nothing on the market really offered anything that was in our own styles, it was all just cliché fetish, which wasn’t our thing. So I started making us outfits, which we started to get a lot of love for. Nicola Formechetti picked up on what was being created and commissioned a piece for Azealia Banks to wear in Elle magazine, and from then on we thought we were on to something clever. Alis was already working as a photographer/videographer, so meant we could really create a whole brand/concept completely between ourselves, whilst bringing in the relative creatives that we felt suited each collection.
A: This has all happened in a pretty short space of time, we launched our first collection in May by ourselves, and were quickly picked up by BLOW PR shortly after.

Personally, what’s your favourite piece of MEAT clothing?
A: We both love different pieces in the collection, I love the Fantasy baggy top, purely as it’s sick and it really demonstrates our idea with latex being seen in a different way. No-one does baggy street latex.
B: The Doggy dress is my fav and everyone seems to love it too.

Has anyone ever got stuck in your clothes in an hilarious, but also mortifyingly embarrassing, changing room incident?
B: Well as many of our latex items are skin-tight fitting and tend to look better with no underwear on, we have had our own ‘intimate’ moments of lube (to help get into items), being butt naked and Alis falling over.
A: Story of my life!

You’ve got a brand new range out – 4D Fantasy haven’t you? Can you give us the lowdown on what that’s about?
A: 4D FANTASY was all about creating a collection which we thought was sexy. ‘Slut’ has come to be a derogative word and we wanted to reclaim it and be saying, actually it can be an empowering word and we should be able to do be proud and comfortable with our own sexuality and our bodies. It also took inspiration from our teenage chav/garage lifestyles but bringing them into the future.

If you could dress anyone at all in the world (except me, I’m already wearing it as I sit here) in your clothes, who would it be?
A: Obviously you are blates a MEAT BABE! But we would love to dress Die Antwoord!

Photos: Tom Medwell


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