Steve Groves

Steve Groves is the Head Chef at Roux at Parliament Square and if you’re thinking you recognise his face, he also won Masterchef: The Professionals a few years ago. Josh Jones caught up with him in his kitchen while he was getting ready for the evening shift… So he was pretty busy. He likes fish and chips.

Hey Steve, so tell me, what do you get when you get a takeaway?
Fish and chips – done properly there’s nothing better.

What kind of food do you think will be next year’s craze? I’m kinda sick of these burger places popping up everywhere. Is 2014 the year of the calzone?
I hope it’s fish and chips, there’s loads of scope with that. And if it is the year of the calzone I’ll take a fish finger and tartare sauce calzone!

As well as running a busy kitchen, you also do masterclasses at Cactus Kitchens, what can people expect from your tuition? Are you a shouty teacher?
I’m a very patient teacher, unless someone takes the great produce that we have and ruins it! Cuddly bear or grizzly bear – it depends on the respect for the ingredients!

What’s your favourite small kitchen/restaurant in London that you love to go to that people might not know about?
Mein Tay in Clapham/Battersea just for their char-grilled quail starter.

Photo: Tom Medwell


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