Steven Quinn


Steven Quinn’s a great friend of le cool and he’s got a one-night only exhibition of his collage work called Rewind Tomorrow at Hoxton Gallery. There will be some rum.

Hi there Steven Quinn, what have you been up to since we spoke last?
Hola, Well I have been busy. A few freelance animated projects, A load of new collages & street photos as well as a few late nights out. I did get a new phone so my ‘iPhone 5ecrets’ project is dead. Now its called ‘iPhone SEcrets’ (I went from a 5 to an SE). I also got a bluetooth trigger called a HISY which allows you to remotely trigger the camera. All new levels of creep. The new collage work is being shown on the 25th of August at Hoxton Basement.

What the fuck is this new exhibition all about?
It’s called “REWIND TOMORROW” and I suppose as for years I have made quite End of The World type collages it’s loosely based around the idea that, IF it did happen. The world ended. We would wish we were back here now. So I have been making more dreamy work recently but showing it alongside everything else.

What would your parents say about this body of work?
Sometimes I wonder… I think sometimes they wonder. It’s a loop of wonderment.
My Dad is well used to me obsessing over having my camera & cutting up stuff. You should interview him sometime. My Mum has come round to it and I think prefers the stuff with vintage women – she likes the street stuff I think, although she does think it is a bit strange. It does surprise me who seems to get it sometimes, dealing with potentially offensive topics in a dark humoured way. I don’t think either of my parents assumed after six years in art college I would suddenly enter the priesthood or dentistry so as long as I’m happy and don’t ask for money I’m probably alright.

Were you a bit peeved when you saw that Coldplay video that you totally could have done?
Oh did Coldplay makes a video with collage in it did they, DID THEY? I didn’t get loads of messages about or anything! Well I think it’s great that rather than get ’inspiration’ the two directors who made it just borrowed from many in the collage community directly. It didn’t go down well. Frustratingly as an animator I have pitched a similar video many times but the budgets were too low. Pretty sure I’m on a researchers Pinterest but hands up… It does look pretty good.

Where can we see more of your work?
Thursday (25th) I have that show on and a few in the pipeline. I’m pretty active on Instagram so @stevenquinn_collage and @stevenquinn_street is me. You can also see it on your own wall for money.


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