Steven Quinn


Hi ho Steven Quinn, how the hell are you? Are you detoxing and pretending not to drink?
Well I usually do the juice diet all year round… fermented grape juice being a favourite of mine OR fermented hops. Liberation via libation right? But actually though I am attempting dry January. I hate that it’s been branded though and it’s ‘a thing’. It’s made worse by the fact that I know come 1st of Feb I know already I will get totally wasted.

You do a fair bit of street photography, do you ask permission? Has anyone got rowdy and tried to make you delete the pictures you took? I did that to a guy once.
I have a kind of problem… And yes I have been taking photos of random people for years. Even people I know don’t like that I do it as I don’t ask permission. If I did, it would ruin it I think… It is a kind of little game I suppose. If you get a good ‘capture’ it is somehow rewarding in a strange way. I have developed a few ways of not getting caught but with the amount of images I take it’s inevitable that every so often I get caught. A drug dealer in Chinatown, New York and a witchy, crazy woman in Walthamstow stand out as particularly verbally aggressive. The worst was when I took a photo of a security guard outside a building in New York. Literally within seconds six guys surrounded me shouting, “Sir, Sir” “Did you just take a picture? Give me the camera Sir!” Then two suited men turned up followed by an immigration SUV. After a long argument with me saying I knew my rights etc I ended up deleting the three pictures of the guy. Went back the next day and took it again though. BOOM!

You don’t just take pictures though, do you? You’re like your very own multimedia agency, you can design and take pictures and make videos and animate and all the other things that involve sitting about waiting for things to render can’t you?
To me it’s all one and the same thing… But I suppose things tend to get bracketed into areas but yeah I do tend to keep busy. I grew up playing in bands and went to art college so I became ‘that guy’. Making posters, taking band shots, making music videos etc but it all runs in the family in a way. Collage is another addiction of mine and I can do it while I render work or it’s just a fun way to release from the restrictions of doing sometimes slightly corporate animated work.

Can you make a good tea or coffee?
I make a mean coffee soup. You should try it. Take one large coffee cup. Fill it with espresso. And serve. So strong it tastes like tobacco and as thick as soup. A thick soup though, like viscosity 7.3/ 10.

Where can we see more of your work?


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