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The Cinemile is an award-winning and wonderful podcast run by Dave Corkery and Cathy Cullen. It’s delightfully simple, the husband and wife team record their chat on the way to and from a trip to the cinema. The first bit they talk about the film and what they hope for and the second half is their honest reaction.

So who knows the most about films here? 
Dave: That’s a bold question out of the gate. Are you trying to kick off a marital? Well, Cathy has a Masters in Film and TV, so probably her. But on the other hand, I once watched every Phantasm movie back-to-back in one sitting, so… who’s the real winner here? 
OK, probably still Cathy.
Cathy: It depends what genre you’re talking about. Anything superhero or sci-fi will be Dave, we both love an 80s movie, but I am definitely the 90s expert, the rom-com queen, and lean towards more female focused stories. 

Why did you decide to start a podcast walking to and from the cinema? 
Dave: I was nagging Cathy for ages to do a podcast with me, but she’s very protective of her free-time. We were already walking home from the cinema and we were already talking about movies, so there was literally zero time commitment. In a way, it’s the laziest podcast idea ever.
Cathy: I don’t like overly long podcasts that obviously get a lot of editing. So I liked the ‘as live’ hook of this format – we don’t edit it at all, it’s just one short conversation of our immediate reaction. Sometimes I regret giving something a really bad or good review when I have a few days to let it settle! But no going back.

Which film has surprised you the most by one of you hating it and one of you liking it?
Dave: Cathy generally HATES the Marvel movies, and I LOVE them, so that’s a constant battle. We massively disagreed on Captain America: Civil War. I’m basically dragging her along to Spiderman: Homecoming.
Cathy: I was really surprised at how much Dave disliked Rogue One given he is a complete Star Wars geek. I’m indifferent to them and didn’t mind it as much as him. 

When you won the Best New podcast award, did cinema chains offer to upgrade you those leather seats? They really should have.
Dave: No, we’re sitting by the phone. Please do get in touch. 
What film are you most looking forward to coming out this year?
Dave: I mean, it’s gotta be Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Need me some Mark Hamill.
Cathy: I don’t know why he’s looking forward to that given his Rogue One hatred! I’m excited to see The Big Sick in a few weeks, and also Cardboard Gangsters, which is an Irish movie opening in the UK in August.

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Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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