Tinsel Edwards

Artist Tinsel Edwards’ new book Priced Out is a personal and powerful look at the declining state of housing in the capital through the eyes of an artist. It’s out on Dunlin Press and there’s a launch tonight at the Atom Gallery if you fancy that.

I want to buy a house in London, Tinsel. Will your book help me do this?
Sadly no… sorry about that. But hopefully you will feel the solidarity! I interviewed several artists and friends in the book, none of us can buy houses in London.

What’s it all about and where can we get a copy?
Priced Out is a personal account of being an artist during the capital’s growing housing crisis in the first years of the 21st century. It’s my story, and it’s other artists stories too, it’s about how the cost of housing is forcing artists to turn away from the city they have lived and worked in, and loved, for many years. Within the context of housing, I wrote about arriving in London nearly 20 years ago, starting a band, sharing flats over the years, then how things changed when I became a single parent. And now as a family of four. It’s also full of images and colourful artwork, and it has a lovely matt cover which I like a lot.

Did the book stem from your estate agent sign art pieces?
The book is published by Dunlin Press, they approached me in early 2016 after seeing the sign art pieces and asked me to create a book which would tell the story of housing in London right now, and how and why I’ve made art work about it. They said they wanted it to be a document which people would discover in years to come. Dunlin Press is an independent publishing house based in Wivenhoe, Essex. They publish emerging writers and visual artists whose work might prove difficult to place with more established or commercial publishers.

I hear you’ve reached the end of your London tether and you’re off to pastures new..?
Yup – we have finally decided it’s time, we are moving up to Glasgow. I’m a bit heartbroken to be leaving London but excited about a new adventure in a city, which is also full of art and music (but a bit more rainy).

What hope is there for any of us?
Lots of hope! We have each other.

Priced Out launches tonight at Atom Gallery 6-9pm. There will be a limited edition of 50 books signed and numbered for sale at the launch, plus screen prints and postcards. Sales of the postcard editions will raise money for people affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower. You can also buy Priced Out here.

Interview: Josh Jones
Photo: Tom Medwell


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