Wendy Bevan


Hey Wendy Bevan, how are things?
Things are good and positive… Busy at the moment, preparing my new show Slow Light.

I’ve heard you’ve got a show going on in May, what’s it all about?
Yes, the rumours are true… the show is opening on 8th May at the COB Gallery and runs throughout the month. Slow Light is an audio visual, photographic show. It explores the use of light in self-portrait imagery, captured through multiple exposures, film projection and music.

So can you tell us how the photographic style you used for the pieces in Slow Light works? It sounds kinda complicated.
I work Polaroid. For me, it’s one of the best ways to capture something pure and unique. Working with self-portraits on Polaroid allows me to explore a space and freedom between me and the lens. It allows me evidence of presence, and evidence of absence, choreographed to the rhythm of light, that has slowly bled onto the sheets of film; the sound that accompanies the show echoes this theme too.

You’re also a singer and violinist and you’re a performer too. You’re a pretty busy bee. How do you fit everything in?
It all seems to roll into one quite nicely for me… sometimes the balance is a challenge, but they all connect to one another.

Do you ever sing a theme to your website to the tune of that Funky Pigeon dot com advert? (i.e. wenDYBEVan dot cooom)
Haha…. no.

Where can we see more of your work?
Come to my show! Google me, visit my website.

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