William Templeton


If you were part owner of a creative hub/restaurant and also an artist/photographer, well you’d hold an exhibition in your own place wouldn’t you? And that’s what Will Templeton’s doing from 29th May at Carousel Next Door up in Marylebone. The show features Will’s photography alongside subtle light installations and projections and is called ‘Look Again: A Question of Perspective’. Go check it out.

Hey Will, what’s this new show about?
Hey Josh, well really it’s a reminder that you have choices and those choices shape your world, your life. There’s that classic cringe, ‘you can see obstacles or opportunities’ but actually there’s a lot in it. When did you last really pay attention to the things you think you know, the things you pass on a daily basis, the constants that have been ‘the same’ your whole life. I like to call it exploratory alchemy – there’s gold if you really look, there’s beauty everywhere if you pay attention.

Who’s involved in it?
It’s a solo show of my own work taken over the last year or so from the crannies of Clapton to the craters of Guatemala.


Where did the show concept of how we look at the world come from?
A few places really, Buddhism speaks of attention being the antidote to anxiety, or at least I read that on a mug with a picture of Buddha on it somewhere… You know what, I think I first really considered it when  reading Emmanuel Kant, he thought that we categorise all the things we see, but not necessarily very well or consistently. So when we see things that seem similar, we just understand that they are part of ‘that’ category but don’t really seem them properly for what they are. So I thought, let’s make people properly look and notice all the beauty and good shit everywhere; maybe we’ll all be a bit happy. There is an amazing TED talk by Anil Seth  that talks about a very similar finding in modern neuroscience, check it.

What sort of pieces are being exhibited?
It’s a mix of work from subtle light installation and projection to more classic presentations of photographic work.

When and where can we see the show?
The show runs from May 30th to August 1st with the p.v. 19:00-21:00 on 29th May at Carousel Next Door, 35 Baker Street, London, W1U 8EN. Check @williamtempleton or carousel-london.com for full details


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