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So what’s the theme for this week? Could be The Olympics – it seems like every venue has a Brazilian-themed night and we’re all going to be sick of caipirinhas by September. Or it might be London festivals; Visions and Caught By The River are two of the most inspiring in the country, let alone the city. Or we could go with photography as KK Outlet’s Superhumans exhibition is a gem and the Travel Photographer of the Year show had us straight on the internet looking for cheap flights. Or we could just say the theme is; There’s a ton of great stuff to do this week in London. Like always.

There, sorted, say Chloe, Tom, Josh, Farah, Ben and Mat

Go online and see more:

The Taming of the Shrew

An Irish history infused take on Shakespeare

Garden Variety Bar

Getting pissed in the most organic way possible

Olympics Opening Ceremony Party

Get Brazilian

Planet V

It's a DnB thing

Well Street Market Anti-Racism Party

A street party to celebrate diversity

Dj Harvey

Harvey all night long


This festival even has a bloody dog show

Camden Fringe: Being Oneself As Another

If you can't play in it it isn't art

One Last Dance (Tunnel)

Saying goodbye to a le cool favourite

Caught By The River Thames

Music, literature, beer and nature

Trupa Trupa + Benjamin Finger + Unfollow + Wild Anima

Kraut rock vibes with a sunny slacker swagger

Stand By Me

Great film, great setting, great cause

Travel Photographer of the Year

The creme de la creme of travel images

We're The Superhumans: Behind The Scenes Exhibition

Exceptional humans

Ahi Poke

Hawaiian cafe

The Luggage Room

Next level afternoon tea

Unit London

Artists Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt started Unit London in…

Clubland Monthly - August

Old and new festivities in the great outdoors
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