Arepa & Co at Bethnal Green

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254 Paradise Row, London E2 9LE
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?How Much

By Ben

254 Paradise Row, London E2 9LE
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How Much?

The second iteration of Arepa & Co – a little Venezuelan outpost on Regents Canal in Haggerston - has arrived in Bethnal Green. While this one doesn’t have the calming London waterways on it’s side, it does boast serious outside space, and some trendy neighbours, including brilliant craft beer purveyors, Mother Kelly’s and a le cool favourite, Sager + Wilde.

The food and the setting are both ideal for The Great Heatwave of 2018, and its relaxing front yard dining area was the perfect place to calm my nerves and dry my damp clothes after a rush-hour spin on the central line.

Arepa & Co specialises, unsurprisingly, in Arepas (essentially cornbread burgers) but we went for the slightly lighter cachapas – corn-based pancakes topped with pork leg, jerk mayonnaise, crackling, tomato and avocado – which went down a treat. The great revelation, however, were the Yuca chips, which were a tasty spin on the real thing, served with a healthy dose of paprika.

On top of this, there’s a fine selection of fresh juices – try the passionfruit and/or mango – to refresh you as the sun beats down.



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